UPDATE – Friday 20th March

We have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our lovely cafe.
We have been toying with what’s the ‘right’ decision all week.  We feel we should take responsibility and close a space that offers social interaction.  A big part of us wants to carry on…. the other part knows it’s not the right thing to do. Some of our staff are high risk due to pre-existing health conditions. We would never forgive ourselves if anything happened.
NHS staff have no choice but to go to work and help poorly folk through this. We must do our bit to help them by staying at home reducing the spread.
A big thanks to all our staff for working so hard to maintain a safe environment. To our customers for coming to support us + our suppliers for getting the goods to us so we can brew up for you guys.
Life is changing on a daily basis for us all + we don’t know when we will next be gearing up to open our doors again.
As always we will do what we can if any of you in the community need owt. Call us, email, fb.

Take care hopefully we will be back open soon x

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