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Just a wee reminder our boats will be open until the Sunday 29th October so catch them while you can… well row them! They will be brought off the water to be stripped down, repaired and repainted ready to do it all again next year. They will be back on the Nidd for Mother’s Day, Sunday 10th March 2018.

We are busy cranking up the fire every morning to warm our lovely little café up and keep you toasty. The Marigold team are digging out their beanie hats and body warmers to keep them toasty! The boat crew are busy washing down the 12 foot beasts and stocking up their tools and paints ready for a winter working to make them beautiful again 😉

You will be jumping up and down to hear that Booy and Dee’s Spicy Sardines on toast is back on the menu because we had so many customers grieving over the summer! If you haven’t tried them yet you haven’t lived. We are also preparing and cooking our homemade soups as the autumn leaves fall we all need something nice and warm in our tummies. Tomato & chorizo, classics like carrot & coriander are amongst the firm favourites of regulars and staff alike.

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